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An author should explain more about the relevant experimental details

From a research article, we assume that author made everything clear and one could follow the research easily. This is the only reason, we made our research publicly available. But there are articles which led to the confusion to the researchers. The below-discussed article is among those ones.

Here author used a gene to transform a model plant, but;

No cloning strategy (restriction sites, size) has been given for the gene;
• Growth media compositions (YEM, root medium and other tissue culture media) are given in fine details (with elemental composition) for a model plant, unnecessarily.
• For transgenics confirmation, both NPTII and gene-specific primer sequence and annealing temperature (Ta) is given in detail, but the figure is available for NPTII only
• For Southern experiment two different methodologies are there; i) digestion with XhoI and probe with NPTII gene (in MM and Fig. legend); ii) digestion with BamHI and EcoRI separately and probed with GUS gene. In results, a single figure is given without any explanation.
• Locations of XhoI, BamHI and EcoRI sites in T-DNA cassette, no detail available
• No positive control used in the Southern experiment
• Developmental/stress assays have been carried out on a few events out of only five events, arbitrarily. No reason was given.

A, D, E, F, I are different transgenic events 

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