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Article in press! Figure Altered! Published Differently. Reason for Antar Dhundo..

You might have enjoyed our post “Antar Dhundo“, as it contains two panels 1 and 2, which are almost similar with a few differences, which we asked you to identify.

You will be amazed to know that two panels are for “Northern blots” of RNA isolated from different samples harvested under two variables i.e. salt concentration and days after salt stress (A-E). These photographs had been published in the same journal from the same contributors in, two versions as described below;

Versions of this article developed as 1 no. panel was made available when the article was “in press” and published online on 17-05-2010  and 2 no. panel was available later, when the article “published online” and provided with a page number on 20-08-2010.

Another key observation is variation in the band intensities but no alteration in the corresponding text has been declared in two versions.

How this became possible?

Because, in C and D rows all bands except a few (in Yellow boxes), are completely identical (In Green Boxes). Only the rows height has been adjusted (no reason given).

So the question arises, how data got altered? It could happen, either at communication level to press or press/publisher made the changes. Generally in a press, data would not face changes such that a few bands get more black colour or few bands gets compression. Hence, it’s the only possibility that the author made the changes during communication level before final publication.

However, idea behind making such changes is not clear as text is similar in two different versions of article

Another important thing is that current article has been published in JBC ( Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Share your thoughts on the scenario for such publication.



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