Author might have made the changes in band intensities.

In this post, we are sharing the possible reason how the changes occured in the two photographs before and after publishing.

Till the article was in press, article contained Panel 1. In Panel 1, similar colour square boxes are the clones of bands. Like, bands in Red are identical, Green are identical; and Blue are identical to each other. How this could happen that bands are cloned in a Northern blot? Only author knows better.

At the time of publishing, press might have asked author, for a better quality of photograph, so as it comes up in printable media as shown on the computer screen. On this, author thought of, changing the clones to different banding pattern with a thought that it should not caught attention of anyone. Beside this author resize the rows A-D to make it more appropriate.

This tends to be clear case of smart fabrication. Your suggestion are welcome to stop follow up studies for these experiments.



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