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    Does N-Terminal tag impound any impact on transgene expression enhancement? As claimed!

    Share this...FacebookLinkedinTwitterPrintemailFor a patent, claim is adding N-terminal tag enhances protein expression. But the smear and other bands present in 2-4 no lanes indicate that in lane 1 less amount of over-expressed protein has been checked. If the N-tag is making a difference for the over-expressed protein then other proteins should remain same in all lanes.What do you interpret and think from such a SDS gel, which is submitted as a patentable technology?http://nabi.res.in/frontend/web/pdf/achievements/AnexpressionVector.pdf 3

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    Confused wheat for Amylose content

    Share this...FacebookLinkedinTwitterPrintemailHigh and low Amylose content wheat is screened along with parent plant using Iodine based staining method. The screening process has been highlighted as a representative figure for patent application at the institutional website. However, the screening method does not corraborate well with the figure provided.  Although the article published does not contain complete figure as available on the NABI website in the achievements section. The reason behind is not clear. But from the figure, it is clear that images have been used repetitively to show different plants and treatments.  2