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Larvae moving together for a photoshoot for another experiment

If a researcher is doing some experiments with animal species, it is quite obvious that animal tends to move from one place to other. Movement of any animal species in a laboratory is difficult to manage. For this, we have to screw up the caps of culture tubes, put the tightened cotton plugs, clean the floors routinely and put an animal back if it comes out of its boundaries.

Below we are discussing the possibilities, how a pair of larvae moved out of an experimental set to get a photoshoot for another set of conditions.
Molecular biologist treats larvae with siRNA to check effect as lethality or as growth response. Poor larvae… We think they will give us something i.e. a research paper. But in this article, the author is very kind and saved the larvae life by clicking one photograph and using it for two entirely different experimental setups.

First experimental setup is to check the effect of different doses of siRNA to evaluate a lethal dose.
Second experimental setup is to check the growth recovery pattern after withdrawing the lethal siRNA dose.

After completion of the first deadly (lethal dose) experiment, two larvae decided to move for another (recovery) experiment, keeping all the bending, position and details same) and cheered for a photo.

How larvae decided, we can discuss in comment section.

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