Molecular Markers-Its easy to make and hide fabricated gels in a crowd of lanes

In continuation, with yesterdays post we found articles from the same laboratory contain gels of molecular markers which are highly fabricated. Below is the gel picture from Plant Science Journal where SCoT molecular markers have been used to check the polymorphism among a germplasm. The experiment is to demarcate the toxic and non-toxic features. However, author smartly fabricated the gel after running to show the results.

From the data, it is difficult to relate the findings to the toxic and non-toxic feature of plants. Hence the whole experimentation and article are of no use both to the science or society. These experiments are very harmful and their presence in database could mislead the followers.

Gel with duplicated lanes

Please share your views on, do such data should remain in the database?

We sent the data to the authors for moderation, however no replies has been received.

This is from Dr Sujata M from IIOR, ICAR, Hyderabad, http://www.icar-iior.org.in/index.php/drmsujatha



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