We use only published material available in public domain like Pubmed, Scopus.
We raise an alarm on the issues in various categories viz. Plagiarism, fabrication, honest error, redundant research, quality research.
Prior to publishing post in any category, we check with the author about their comments, suggestion or defence one can make for the content of the post. However, it is choice of admin to publish the comments, suggestions or defense to publish it along with post.
Reviewers (disclosed identity or anonymous) can choose the category in which he/ she wants to publish his data. Before publication of any data approval from our team is mandatory and it would take 1-2 days time to publish your post online.
Our posts are freely distributable/ sharable under the name of Vigilant Scientist through various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, and WhatsApp.
Reuse of our material in any form (publication under some other name) without prior permission from VS is not allowed.
Data on vigilant Scientist is safe and secure and non-transferable to third parties.
We put very rigorous reviews on each post to assign a specific category. However, being humans we can also be mistaken which can be take care by the author of the article while defending.
We give 2-5 days time to defend authors for their posts. In case we don’t find revisions, we publish it without notifying further.
All the communications will be made through email (admin@vigilantscientist.com) account published on the article/ manuscript.

Commenting Policy:

Your comments under VS articles are most welcome and very much appreciated. Our moderation policy is very simple:

no insults

no personnel attacks

no accusations unsupported by evidence

no rude language

no ridicule or patronising of your fellow commenters