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Southern or Photoshop! Use any for Transgenics Confirmation

With Photoshop, we can do a lot of experimentation, like done here. Molecular characterization of transgenics is done to check the stable integration of the T-DNA cassettes. In two back to back papers authors did the experimentation to prove that transgenics are stable and contain the T-DNA sequence. 

Two important sights are:

  1. Whenever we run an Agarose gel all the lanes are likely separated by equal distances, because of similar gaps between the comb teeth. However, in these pictures of the Southern blots, the gap between lanes is unequal, which is noticeable.
  2.  This unequal distance led us to carefully investigate for the bands. Upon examination, we found that bands are created there, either by photoshop or by some other method. For this please check both yellow and black arrow marked bands which are exactly similar to one other.

We sent the query to authors for their responses. As soon we get the replies. it will be uploaded here as author responses.

For now, we can discuss the possibilities for identical bands and the unequal distances between two lanes.

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