• Fabrication,  Image Duplication,  Plagiarism

    Poor mouse.. again a culprit

    Share this...FacebookLinkedinTwitterPrintemailFrom the earlier incidence, we followed the author and found that it’s not a single case of image duplication in an experiment to treat diabetes. Another study published in Nature Scientific Reports also have the clear effects of image duplication. Again the mouse has been utilized as a system to investigate the effect of various diabetes modulating drugs but tested has been conducted on the same mouse again and again. This image also has the repetitive image from Killing Diabetes or Mouse which will be followed up in next post.

  • Honest error

    Bands are feeling very crowded..Space not available for others

    Share this...FacebookLinkedinTwitterPrintemailOur first post on western blotting. Here we observed that there is not enough space available to accommodate 2 more bands (in lane 1 and 3), if they were present after IPTG induction. Because, if we consider, that bands appeared in lane no. 2 and 4 are normal than the space for lane 1 and 3 is not enough to accommodate any band. This is the published work from the same author for whom we published our earlier post Killing Diabetes or mouse. Share your views.. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0141813017305664?via%3Dihub