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    Clear your Bands……

    Share this...FacebookLinkedinTwitterPrintemailThis is in continuation with our earlier post i.e. Real Bands. Below is the clarification of how author tilted the gel and used the wrtong hybridization signals to represent small RNA bands. Below are the reasons these should not be considered as bands. Bands always have a sharp edge on both sides. Bands appeared bearing a trail of smear

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    Real bands or really bands?

    Share this...FacebookLinkedinTwitterPrintemailIn continuation with the earlier posts (genetic/gel engineering and three errors) Northern Blots shown below represents the presence of small RNA in the insect gut after feeding on dsRNA molecules. The pattern of bands corresponding to 50 and 21 nt, observed in these blots is unique as author  played a trick which results in formation of these bands. Your contribution or explanation is needed on the possible ways by which these bands are made. This post is part of our ongoing quiz. Answers and winner name will be disclosed on 30th November 2018. Drop your answers as comments or by email at admin@vigilantscientist.com. 1

  • Fabrication,  Image Duplication

    Genetic/Gel Engineering

    Share this...FacebookLinkedinTwitterPrintemailBelow is a marvelous example of gel fabrication. You can call it “gel engineering” instead of “genetic engineering”. In the picture, three PCR reactions for three genes and corresponding gels has been provided. But author had smartly made the engineering of gels to create this example. We identified a minimum of 4 spots where engineering has been done in these gels. We want that you should identify these spots and send us the replies at info@vigilantscientist.com or as comments. This will be the part of our quiz which holds a surprise gift for you. 2

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    Three Errors: Experimental, Presentation and Fabrication.

    Share this...FacebookLinkedinTwitterPrintemailIn the figure below, author unknowingly and intentionally made the mistakes. Here we are providing you with an opportunity to search for these errors and share through mail at post@vigilantscientist.com or as comments to the post. Providing accurate answers to this and upcoming quiz based posts (2-3 posts) you can win a surprise gift. First announcement for the winner of the gift will be made on 30th November 2018. 3

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    Molecular Markers-Its easy to make and hide fabricated gels in a crowd of lanes

    Share this...FacebookLinkedinTwitterPrintemailIn continuation, with yesterdays post we found articles from the same laboratory contain gels of molecular markers which are highly fabricated. Below is the gel picture from Plant Science Journal where SCoT molecular markers have been used to check the polymorphism among a germplasm. The experiment is to demarcate the toxic and non-toxic features. However, author smartly fabricated the gel after running to show the results. From the data, it is difficult to relate the findings to the toxic and non-toxic feature of plants. Hence the whole experimentation and article are of no use both to the science or society. These experiments are very harmful and their presence in database could mislead the followers.…

  • Fabrication,  Image Duplication

    In a gel, few well chose to double themselves. Why?

    Share this...FacebookLinkedinTwitterPrintemailAfter a long vacation of Deepawali, we are with a very new gel picture, where author fabricated the gel lanes. From the gel, it is clear that the picture was available for 38 samples (1-38) and after run completion, it has been decided to make a copy of the selected lane (17-21) and paste it as different samples (39-43).   We sent the data to the authors for moderation and article link will be updated soon. Please share your comments on this data. 2