Fabrication,  Image Duplication,  Plagiarism

Twist, Flip, Shift; Ready to publish.

Earlier we identified that gene is missing in a PCR reaction and Southern experiment of the Rice transgenics. This is the content of an article under DOI (Could be enquired through mail at admin@vigilantscientist.com)

Interaction with authors revealed that, a critical piece of information (about cloning and restriction digestion strategy in pCAMBIA, primer sequences for PCR and cloning, complete Southern blot figure) is missing in the article. Keeping it aside, we found that article is not carrying a single labeling error, but contains a smartly fabricated photograph which is very unique and new to our posts.

In same article, author gave two different stress treatments i.e. Salt and Methylglyoxal (MG)  to the particular gene over-expressed Rice transgenics in comparison to WT (un-transformed) samples. Among the three (L-1 to L-3) transgenics events only one or two event has been examined for effect of treatments.

These two photographs are from same article but presented as main and supplementary figure. Photograph is not clicked for 6 plates altogather, but each plate has been photographed separately and arranged afterwards. During arranging in a 6 plate pattern, author changed the photographs contrast/ brightness and twisted/flipped the plates to make them a new one. Here are clear examples of twist/flip (red encircled), flip (black, brown and blue encircled) and shift (Brown L-2 Water is L-1 5mM MG; Black WT water to L-2 200 mM NaCl etc.).

This is very unique post for data fabrication, plagiarism and bad experimentation.

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